Suiton Plus By Paxton Linzhi

Suiton Plus By Paxton Linzhi is fully managed by the Paxton Vacances Hotel Management Group. The hotel is located at the Folk Customs Street of Gongbu Old Street, Bayi District, which has the reputation of "River South of Tibet". Linzhi is famous for its beautiful scenery, Peach Blossom Festival, colorful Nanyi Valley and the deepest canyon in the world. It also has vertical topographic distribution with the largest difference, abundant vegetation and wildlife resources. Mountains are high and rivers are long. The manpower is hard to reach and the primitive natural scenery is well preserved. It is one of the pure lands left in the world that few human beings have touched. 

The hotel has 109 luxurious and comfortable viewing rooms. The unique decoration style of the hotel has  the combination of Tibetan cultural elements and modern cultural elements. It is fascinating to enter a bright room and look into the snow mountain.

The hotel restaurant provides delicious food , and provides buffet breakfast from 7:00am to 10:00am every day. A beautiful day starts with a nutritious breakfast.

Conference rooms in accommodating 60-100 people, with professional equipment and considerate service will convince you a wonderful meeting experience.

Sparta fitness center on the third floor, equipped with a variety of fitness equipment; Hotel guests with room card free use


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